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Zombies Hi Issue 3


Just a quick post this morning to say that Zombies Hi Issue 3 is now available to buy. You can get the download version or the hard copy version over at the Uproar Comics website. I have a story in the issue with art by Joe Campbell.  It looks excellent if I do say so myself. So why not head over and pick up a copy and let the lads know what you think of the book.  Here is the UpRoar Comics website for ye to check out.




New panel from Nestor Issue Two.


It’s been a hectic few weeks but things are slowly coming together. The Wire and Gas Anthology is almost ready to be printed. I have received the last pages for the Judge Dredd strip for Zarjaz from Owen Watts and I can’t wait to see that come out next year. I also got a chance today to meet up with Anthony O Neill and get a look at some of the inked pages for Issue Two of Nestor. I managed to get a photo of one of the penciled panels in the book so here it is.

Black Star back in Ri Ra


This will be a quick post just to say Mike Ball will be working on the Black Star story for Issue 4 of Ri Ra. This will be the second story I’ve worked with Mike on. I have also put up another sketch that Dwayne has sent me of BlackStar.

Dwayne Moloney's sketch of BlackStar.

Zarjaz, Zombies and Zother news.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have some news to put up on here. Firstly the Judge Dredd story that I am working on with Owen Watts for Zarjaz is coming along nicely. Owen is about half way though the comic now and he has sent me on the first two pages which look great.

I am going to have a story in Zombies Hi. It is a three page story and it will be drawn by the very talented Kevin Logue. Here is the Zombies Hi Facebook page and you can also pick up a copy of Issue One and Two over on Kevin’s blog.

And finally we have a bit of a change up on the Nestor comic. Issue One will not be drawn by Mike Ball as I said before. Mike is now gonna be working on a story set in the Blackstar Universe which will appear in Issue Four of Ri Ra. Taking over for Mike will be Paul McCallan. I have worked with Paul on a past issue of FutureQuake and his art is excellent.

Here are a few sketches that he has sent me of the main characters in the book.

BlackStar will return

Friday, August 12, 2011


So BlackStar is a comic that I started working on about three years ago and for different reasons it didn’t get finished. During My interview with Dave O Leary for Irish Comic News he asked me was the comic going to be finished or not. I think that might have been the kick in the arse I needed to get this one up and running again. So here is what I have so far. Black Star will be a 32 page full colour comic published by Coimici Gael (the same publishers behind Ri Ra) and this time it will be drawn by Dwayne Moloney. I am also pleased to say that Ger Hankey the artist behind Short Sharp Shocks will be working on the cover too.

Also a story set in the Black Star universe will be in Ri Ra Issue 4 before the one shot comes out next year.

Here are a few sketches done by Dwayne during the week.

Nestor Issue Two cover by Robert Elrod

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So here is the cover for Issue Two of Nestor by Robert Elrod. Robert has done an incredible job on this cover.

ICN Exclusive and the pencils for the cover of Issue Two of Nestor

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here is the pencils for the cover of Issue Two of Nestor which has been drawn by the very talented Robert Elrod. This looks great and I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

Also the first page of Issue Two is up on the Irish Comic News website and the link for that is here.

Calling all Artists.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am looking for an artist or artists not too sure yet for a new project myself and Martin Greene are working on at the moment. It is a sci fi story and we are looking for someone that isn’t afraid of a challenge. We hope to have this ready for May/June of next year so if there is any artists out there that are interested in working with myself and Martin on this one you can send an email to
I do have a bit more news we have our artist for the second cover of Nestor. It will be drawn by Robert Elrod. Rob is an excellent horror artist and you can check out some of his work over on his blog.

Some more Nestor Sketches from Anthony O Neill

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, we have settled on the designs for the vampires in Nestor and Anthony has sent me on some sketches of how they will look.

First up we have Nestor in all his vampire glory.

And here we have the Feral vampire sketch. These look excellent. I’ll post these up on the Nestor Facebook page tomorrow. I do have some more news about yet another comic I’ll be working on for Coimici Gael but I’ll say no more until I get some new designs from the artist.

Rough cover for Nestor by Kevin Logue. Interviews and articles over on ICN.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


A quick post. Here is the rough cover for Nestor Issue 1 drawn by Kevin Logue. Just got this a few minutes ago looks great.


I have done an interview for the new site Irish Comic News. It’s been set up by Tommie Kelly and it aims to promote Irish Comics. The interview is here.
There are also two articles on the site one for the Wire and Gas Anthology which features some art by Mike Ball and an article with some of Anthony O Neill’s sketches for Nestor.
The cover for Issue Three of Ri Ra is also up for people to check out. That’s over on Aidan Courtney’s blog.
One final thing the scripts for Nestor are finished and I have set up a Nestor Facebook page. I’ll be updating it with sketches and art from the comic. We are hoping to have it ready for Halloween. I am also pleased to announce that Kevin Logue will be working on the cover for Issue One and once that’s finished I’ll post that up here. The rough sketch for the cover is over on the Facebook page.