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Happy Halloween from Nestor


Happy Halloween folks. A while back when Martin Greene came to me with the idea for Nestor he told me a little history he had created for the character Lusk (Nestor’s best friend). He based the character on George Lusk a man that was involved in the Jack the Ripper murders back in 1888. He had a very cool idea, what if Jack the Ripper was a vampire and Lusk had been sent to kill him. So that’s where this five page strip came from. We will probably release it on line for a while first as we get closer to Nestor’s release date in early 2012. The artist behind this great looking strip is Joe Campbell. I’ve worked with Joe before on a strip for Issue Three of Zombies Hi and when I saw his art style I thought he would be perfect to work on this strip.

I also want to thank everyone that nominated and voted for myself in the Irish Comic News Awards. I know people always say this but it has been an honor to be mentioned in the same category as some of the most talented writers working in the Irish scene today. Also best of luck to everyone that got nominated in the Awards, we should know the results tomorrow.

So once again Happy Halloween and hope you enjoy the panels.

Anthony O Neill’s blog.


Anthony O Neill one of the artists behind Nestor has set up a new blog post. Anthony’s work is brilliant and is worth checking out. He is a talent to watch out for. Here is the link and also an example of Anthony’s work below for ye to check out.


Mike Ball’s new Wire and Gas Page.


It’s all slowly coming together. I’ve got the inked pages for Mike Ball’s Wire and Gas story today. We now have all the pages for the comic. Here is some new panels from Mike and I think you’ll agree he has done an excellent job on it. We have been very lucky to have Anthony O Neill, Mike and Aidan Courtney contribute to this anthology they have all brought there own very unique styles to the book. I’ll have more news on the book once we have the cover sorted and we will also have a very cool announcement to make soon about this book and Nestor in the near future soon.

As this is also the last week for voting for the ICN Awards I think I’ll do some more shameless begging for votes. It has been excellent to get nominated for this. So here is the Irish Comic News voting page.


Trystan Mitchell’s panels from Dr WTF?

Trystan Mitchell sent me the first panels from the Doctor Who strip we are working on for Dr WTF? 2012.  He has done a great job on these. The story is called Clerical Error. Expect to see more from Trystan on here in the near future.

Pencils from Paul McCallan for Nestor


Here is a page from Nestor Issue One by Paul McCallan. As you can see Paul is doing an excellent job on the book. He is nearly finished on the pencils for the Issue.

ICN Awards.


I got nominated for a ICN Award today. I just want to say a huge thank you to every one that voted for me and has got me this far. If you want to vote for me to win here is the link.

Also Mr John Cullen has done a very cool page to celebrate my nomination.

Black Star Poster by Mike Ball.



Here is a poster for Black Star by Mike Ball. Mike’s work will be appearing shortly in the Wire and Gas Anthology and also in Issue Four of Ri Ra where he will be working on a Black Star story. Black Star will out in 2012 and will be drawn by Dwayne Moloney. I’ll post more from Mike and Dwayne soon.

Sketches for Dr WTF? by Trystan Mitchell


I just got some sketches for the Doctor Who story I’m working on with the very talented Trystan Mitchell for the Dr WTF? comic which will be out next year. I think you’ll agree Trystan art is excellent and I can’t wait to see more of the strip as it develops.  I have the link for Trystan’s blog here for ye to check out.  Also here is the Facebook page for Dr WTF? too.