A new strip for the Wire and Gas Anthology.


It’s been a hectic few weeks. The work continues on Nestor and we are in the midst of planning a new Abandoned Comics website. I do have some very good news regarding the Wire and Gas Anthology. The excellent Mr Joe Campbell has a great World War One strip called Distant Fields that will now feature in the Wire and Gas book. It is an eleven page full color strip. So that brings the total number of stories in the book to five including the Joe’s beautifully drawn Nestor prequel story Ripper.

The other bit of news I can share is that Myself and Aidan Courtney are busy working away on the next book after Nestor. The working title so far is Black Stone and the first issue of this four issue comic will be drawn by Joe Campbell. It is still in the early stages, we have a very rough draft of the first issue complete so it will be a while yet before there is any more news about it.

So I’ll leave you with a few panels from Joe’s strip Distant Fields. Be on the look out for the book when it comes out in early 2012.



About mikeplynch

Mike Lynch is an Eagle Award Nominated writer currently based in the West of Ireland. His worked has appeared in the Irish language comic Ri Ra, FutureQuake and he is currently working on three new comics for Coimici Gael. The war anthology Wire and Gas, the two issue Horror comic Nestor and the Irish Super hero comic Black Star.

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