Monthly Archives: December 2011

Trystan Mitchell’s Black Star story.


O k, one more blog post before the year ends. A few weeks back I asked Trystan Mitchell to draw a new strip for the Black Star comic coming out next year. The story is a six page story set years before the main comic. This comic is shaping up well. Ger Hankey is going to be doing the cover and between Dwayne Moloney’s art and Trystan’s work it is going to look great.


Merry Christmas from Abandoned Comics


This will probably be my last post before the Christmas so I thought I’d end finish up with some panels from Nestor Issue One. Paul McCallan has finished up inking the first issue so we are a step closer to getting the comic out there. I think ye will agree he has done an excellent job.


Ri Ra Issue Three is out now folks. I have been very lucky to be involved in Ri Ra since the zero Issue. Aidan has done an excellent job in getting some of the best Irish comic creators working today in this book. There is some serious talent in the pages of this comic, check out the Coimici Gael website and pick up a copy today.

2012 is going to be a busy year for us with the two comics coming out but plans are afoot for the next comic after Nestor. Martin is working away on the outline for a new book called The Salvaged. It will be a science fiction/horror story and we will be working away on that next year. Hopefully it will be out in 2013.  So that’s it, my last post of 2011. All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our work this year.

Happy Christmas and  have a great New Year.



Ri Ra Issue Three out next week.

So folks I have just got my hands on the pdf version of Ri Ra Issue Three and I may be a bit biased but it looks great. Once again Aidan Courtney has managed to gather some of the best Irish comic creators working today and put them into this book. So the line up this time round goes like this. We have Bob Byrne, Maeve Clancy, Alan Nolan, Aidan Courtney, Alma Ryan and a few new contributors Luke Fallon, Agata Romanska and Dwayne Moloney. The book is heading off to the printers over the next few days and will be available in hard copy or as a digital download next week.