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Finished PinPoint: Shoot First Pinup

Here is the finished version of the PinPoint: Shoot First pinup I posted last weekend. I worked with Alfred Paige on this one last year and I can’t wait for it to come out in the Summer. Pencils by Marcelo Salaza, Inks by Greg Harms and Colors by Splash.


Alma Ryan’s BlackStar Pinup


I just got a new BlackStar pinup from Alma Ryan this morning. It looks excellent, she has her own character Anen in there too. Alma is a great artist and you should check out more of her work. The link for which is here.


Update Time

It’s just now dawned on me that I haven’t mentioned the new site. What do ye think of it? Pretty cool right? I want to say a huge thanks to Kelly McNeill for putting the whole thing together.

I didn’t think three years ago the blog would be still going today but here we are with a new site and  on the verge of releasing our first title. Speaking of which Nestor Issue One is almost ready to go to the printers. Here is the sketch page that will be at the back of the book courtesy of the excellent Paul McCallan who is on artist duties in Issue One.


Epic Con is on this weekend in NUI Maynooth. Sadly Myself and Martin can’t make it to the event but there will be a great gathering of Irish comic creators there so it will be worth checking out. The link for more news on the event is here. Also if ye do go keep an eye out for Anthony O Neill’s Nestor Poster which will be scattered around the various venues.

Martin Greene the man behind Nestor and Wire and Gas has a new movie blog called Savage Cinema that ye should check out too. He brings you the best and worst cult movies people might have missed the first time around.

Martin also has his comic book blog which is called The Dark Spark. Head over for a look and you can see some of Martin sketches for our next Abandoned Comics project called Salvage.

Lastly but by no means least. A very cool pin up from Fico Ossio has surfaced on Facebook featuring James ‘PinPoint’ Washington taking on Wolverine. It’s a great pin up and here it is for anyone that missed.


Pencils from Page One of PinPoint.

Just a quick post tonight, here is the pencils from page one of PinPoint: Shoot First  by Marcelo Salaza. Can’t wait to see more from this book. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates over the next few months.

Jason Connors BlackStar pin up.


Two posts in one day I’m going to have to lie down after I write this. Here is Jason Connors sketch of BlackStar. Jason is well known for his work on The Wren which is all age friendly super hero comic. It is a great comic and is worth checking out. The link for it is here.

PinPoint Pinup by Rick Tyndall


Here is Rick Tyndall’s PinPoint pin up. He has done a great job on it. The book is due out over the Summer. I got a look at the pencils for the first page by Marcelo Salaza and it’s coming along nicely.

Got the pages from Nestor Issue One today too. It’s all coming together and I will have an update about the first issue very soon.

PinPoint art by Marcelo Salaza and Greg Harms.

Here is a great Pinup of Alfred Paige’s PinPoint drawn by Marcelo Salaza with inks by Greg Harms. PinPoint is a five issue comic Alfred asked to write last year. PinPoint is about Captain James Washington a soldier who finds himself caught in a battle to stop a group of terrorists from destroying a major U S city. I think ye will agree this looks incredible.

Say Hello to Daisy Chain.


Now this is a very special post I get to give you guys a glimpse at a girl that is very dear to my heart. Last year Alfred Paige asked me to work with him on an idea for a new book. He had the idea of making a horror comic something that would be fun and gory at the same time. It took me a while to figure it out but one day at work the name popped into my head and everything else soon followed. Daisy Chain tells the story of Jessica Frazer. A very wealthy, very attractive socialite that just so happens to be a serial killer in her spare time. She tracks down her victims by using various internet sites under the user name Daisy Chain.

It’s in the very early stages but here is the first ever glimpse of the lady in question drawn by Rodney C. Jacobs.


BlackStar sketches by John Cullen

By gosh it’s been a while. To kick off his participation in the Daily Draw February jam John Cullen has done a few sketches of BlackStar. As most of ye know John was the original artist on the comic and it’s cool to see him draw the character again. I know he has other things on the go too and if you want to check out his work you can check out his blog  for more.