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PinPoint art by Marcelo Salaza and Greg Harms.

Here is a great Pinup of Alfred Paige’s PinPoint drawn by Marcelo Salaza with inks by Greg Harms. PinPoint is a five issue comic Alfred asked to write last year. PinPoint is about Captain James Washington a soldier who finds himself caught in a battle to stop a group of terrorists from destroying a major U S city. I think ye will agree this looks incredible.


Merry Christmas from Abandoned Comics


This will probably be my last post before the Christmas so I thought I’d end finish up with some panels from Nestor Issue One. Paul McCallan has finished up inking the first issue so we are a step closer to getting the comic out there. I think ye will agree he has done an excellent job.


Ri Ra Issue Three is out now folks. I have been very lucky to be involved in Ri Ra since the zero Issue. Aidan has done an excellent job in getting some of the best Irish comic creators working today in this book. There is some serious talent in the pages of this comic, check out the Coimici Gael website and pick up a copy today.

2012 is going to be a busy year for us with the two comics coming out but plans are afoot for the next comic after Nestor. Martin is working away on the outline for a new book called The Salvaged. It will be a science fiction/horror story and we will be working away on that next year. Hopefully it will be out in 2013.  So that’s it, my last post of 2011. All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone that has supported our work this year.

Happy Christmas and  have a great New Year.



Coimici Gael’s first imprint is here.


Let me start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone that voted for me in the ICN Awards. It has been a terrific week and thanks for all the congrats I’ve got over the week.

I can finally talk about the big news that has been in development for the past few weeks. With Aidan’s blessing we have set up Coimici Gael’s first imprint. Abandoned Comics will work on titles aimed at an older audience. Our first two projects will be Wire and Gas and Nestor. At the moment the imprint will work on comics that myself, Aidan or Martin come up with but hopefully it will go well and we can expand the number of titles we work on.

Just want to say a big thank you too to Emily Kenny who has created our logo. I have set up a page on the blog that has some more details about the imprint so ye can check that out too.



New panel from Nestor Issue Two.


It’s been a hectic few weeks but things are slowly coming together. The Wire and Gas Anthology is almost ready to be printed. I have received the last pages for the Judge Dredd strip for Zarjaz from Owen Watts and I can’t wait to see that come out next year. I also got a chance today to meet up with Anthony O Neill and get a look at some of the inked pages for Issue Two of Nestor. I managed to get a photo of one of the penciled panels in the book so here it is.